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  • Gold Diamond and Emerald Palm Tree Stud Earrings
  • 7 Stone Rainbow Band Ring
  • 7 Stone Rainbow Band Ring
  • Chocolate Baroque Pearl Centerpiece
  • Sky Blue Woven Knot Centerpiece
    Clara Williams

    Sky Blue Woven Knot Centerpiece

  • Ceramic Melon Studio Centerpiece
    Clara Williams

    Ceramic Melon Studio Centerpiece

  • De La Rosa Tag
    Clara Williams

    De La Rosa Tag

  • Tumbled Lapis Tag
    Clara Williams

    Tumbled Lapis Tag

  • Victoire Red Tassel
    Clara Williams

    Victoire Red Tassel

  • Michel Brown Zircon Tassel
    Clara Williams

    Michel Brown Zircon Tassel

  • Emily Canary Yellow Tassel
    Clara Williams

    Emily Canary Yellow Tassel

  • Michel Champagne Zircoin Tassel
    Clara Williams

    Michel Champagne Zircoin Tassel

  • Michel Turquoise Tassel
    Clara Williams

    Michel Turquoise Tassel

  • Chanel Silver Crystal Pin
    What Goes Around Comes Around

    Chanel Silver Crystal Pin

  • Pink Pearl Bracelet with Pink Pendant
  • Gold Bracelet with Small Eye Disc Charm
  • Turquoise Bracelet with Round Pearl Pendant
  • Aspen Braided Leather Pink Necklace
  • Pointed Cross Pendant
    The Woods

    Brass Diamond Cross Pendant

  • Gold Bangle

    Gold Bangle

  • Gold Rainbow Bar Studs product shot
  • The Woods

    Large 8 Pendant

  • Sydney Evan

    Small Wing Charm Necklace


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