Soft and comfortable men’s swim trunks.

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Dive twenty thousand leagues under the sea with the two-toned octopi on these Moorea swimming trunks. A symbol of intelligence and transcendence, these mysterious creatures will captivate you the moment they wave their tentacles.

  • Elastic waistband with four lines of stitching for optimal fit, drawstring adjustment.
  • Peach finish for more softness, twill weave for more supple swim trunks.
  • The model has pockets for the hands.
  • Quick-drying men’s swim trunks thanks to a special treatment.
  • Perfect fit and optimal comfort thanks to the mesh inner briefs with no center seam.
  • Poulpes Bicolores Men’s swim trunks.
  • Swim trunks with no ballooning thanks to two back eyelets.
  • Vilebrequin engraved stainless Zamak (zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloy) drawstring tips.
  • Hand-placement of back pocket for perfect visual alignment with swim trunks print.
  • Composition of the Moorea men’s swim trunks.
  • 100% Recycled Polyamide.

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