August Muse of the Month

Muse of the Month: Deirdre Colligan

Our August Muse of the Month is jewelry designer, Deirdre Colligan, of Candy Shop Vintage. Originally from New York, Deirdre now calls Charleston home. Her brand features vintage and vintage inspired jewelry and accessories.

Founded in 2009, the brand appeals to customers who are “seeking to add unique pieces to their wardrobe with an emphasis on timeless style and longevity.” Deirdre’s designs have been featured in Vanity Fair, InStyle and Southern Living.

Deirdre modeling the Gabby Mini Dress
Deirdre wearing the Gabby Mini Dress

Deirdre has a keen eye for whimsical vintage jewelry sourced from estate sales and flea markets. After having success with her rotating collection of vintage jewelry and being faced with the challenge of constant sourcing and replenishment, Deirdre decided to adapt some of her favorite vintage jewelry styles into a collection of modern costume jewelry with vintage flavor.

Deirdre modeling the Santorini Mini Dress
Deirdre wearing the Santorini Mini Dress

Her popular line of Charleston Rice Beads is a Gwynn’s favorite! Each piece is made in the U.S.A. and assembled right here in Charleston, South Carolina.

Since closing her retail store on Cannon Street last year, we are proud to now house her adorable Candy Shop Cart, where you can stock up on Charleston Rice Beads and other fabulous, vintage designs on a rotating basis.

Deirdre with the Candy Shop Cart
Photo courtesy of Candy Shop Vintage

When she is not designing jewelry or being a total supermom, she can be found modeling for us at Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant. Her successful brand and sophisticated style led her to become our August Muse of the Month. We’re inspired by her attention to detail and classic charm. We always look forward to working with Deirdre whether that be at a photoshoot, or unpacking new jewelry designs!

Detail shot of the Candy Shop Cart
Photo courtesy of Candy Shop Vintage

Shop her collection here to become a part of the Candy Shop Crew.

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